Terre Bleue - Lize Feryn

For the 15th anniversary of "Terre Bleue", we made some 15" spots with actress and model Lize Feryn.

Client | Terre Bleue (Promotional)

Ja van Fintro

"Fintro says yes to people who are there for each other."
We produced the videos for the online platform: javanfintro.be

Agency | Choco (Promotional Campaign)

Commercial BNP Paribas

A new mobile app needs a new commercial.

Client | BNP Paribas France (Commercial)

Engie Hoboken

Hohe See, the biggest substation ever built  leaves the ENGIE Fabricom yard for a Wind farm in the North Sea.

Client | Engie Fabricom (Corporate)

Casemovie ING

We created a casemovie to show the innovative app ING launched at concerts.

Agency | Universal (Case)

Fintro Kids

Kids open their hearts to their parents, who work at Fintro bank.

Agency | Choco
Client | Fintro

#respecteer ons

Cyberviolence is a hot-topic these days. We made this touching movie for "Vrouw en Maatschappij".

Agency | Make Lemonade (Awareness)

Burendag Mechelen

We produced the "Burendag" campaign from the city of Mechelen. 

Client | Stad Mechelen (Promotional)

Toerisme Vlaanderen Campaign

For the "Wij gastvrij, jij blij" campaign of Toerisme Vlaanderen, we produced and made 5 online movies.
One of them is 3 Michelin starred restaurant Hertog Jan of Gert De Mangeleer who was the ambassador of this campaign.

Agency | Choco (Promotional)

Alles mag!

Together with Motormusic we made a clip for "Nationale Kinderkankerdag". 
A beautiful initiative that puts a smile on everybody's face!

Gent Festival van Vlaanderen

20" commercial for Canvas TV.

Client | Festival van Vlaanderen (Commercial)

Wyckaert Jobs!

We produced a funny job application video for construction company Wyckaert.
(Employer Branding)

Shopping Queens

We produced the concepttrailer for Shopping Queens, a Belgian TV-show.

Client | SBS (TV trailer)

NMBS in 360

NMBS is looking for new talent and asked us to film their vacancies in 360.

Client | NMBS (Employer branding)

Een kind sluit je niet op. PUNT

Online campaign in collaboration with "Unicef" and platform "Kinderen op de vlucht" against closed centers for families with children.

Agency | Make Lemonade

Campaign Cartoon Network

Together with Brecht Dejaegere ( AA Gent) we produced a campaign against bullying. "Be a buddy, not a bully"!

Agency | Day One MPM
Client | Awel (Awareness)

Antwerp Symphonic Orchestra in 360

Take a look inside a Symphonic Orchestra!

Specials Thanks to ASO and Evil Penguin (Instruction)

Oscar and the Wolf

A unique concert from Oscar and the Wolf @ Paleis 12 Brussels.

Client | Universal (Aftermovie)

Freerunner Nicolas Van Hole

Dynamic, Excitement, Adrenaline, Motivation!


Mastercard Budapest

As "Mediateam" we produced the live feed and videocontent for Mastercard Innovation forum in Budapest. 

Agency | MCI

Campaign Cartoon Network

Together with actress Clara Cleymans we did a campaign against bullying for Cartoon Network. "Be a buddy not a bully"!

Agency | Day One MPM (Awareness)

Lovely Lombok

Enjoy the beauty of lovely Lombok. 

Duroc d'Olives

Promo shoot starring the top quality pork meat from Duroc D’Olives, inspiring master chef Hendrik Buysse to prepare a delicious dish.

Agency | Brand Senses (Product | Mood)

Telenet Filmfood

Snacking on filmfood with Wim Ballieu, while promoting the Telenet on demand movies.